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Romanian-European eUniversity

Organizer: University "Politehnica" of Bucharest
Date: 15-17 April 2004
Location: Bucharest
Webpage http://www.reu.pub.ro/re2u/
Contact: gabriel.dima [at] reu.pub.ro

The dissemination workshop presents the achievements of the SOCRATES Minerva Project Romanian-European eUniversity (RE2U) coordinated by University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Romania in modeling a virtual university based on state-of-the-art innovative teaching and learning methodologies and emerging ICTs.

The RE2U Model design is based on several principles that are coherent with the major developments that are occurring in the European policy of the last years regarding the creation of the European Higher Education area, the eLearning Initiative and the Lifelong Learning Memorandum.

Please, contact the co-ordinator for other information about the dissemination workshop and similar events within the Re2U project.

elearning-forum.ro > evenimente elearning > Romanian-European eUniversity
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